Symbolic nature of sympathy flowers 

Sympathy flowers are not just some floral arrangement that are being used to be placed or given to a grieving family for the demise of their loved ones. It can symbolize some connection or affection to the person that have passed away. Loved ones can have their sympathy flowers arranged according to their will and how it should be arranged can sometimes be guided by them and there are sympathy flowers that are pre arranged for easy access to the family of the demised.

Soldiers usually get sympathy flowers that have special colors on it, especially it is arranged to look like the flag of their country, as to symbolize their valiant effort to protect and serve their country. Corporate people usually get a pre arranged floral arrangement, but there are those who order them to be customized to symbolize who or what type of person the demised company man was. There are those floral arrangements as well that can look like a broken heart, for those closest to the loved ones, such as a husband, a wife, a fiancé or anybody that has a mutual and intimate relationship with the demised.

Pre arranged sympathy flowers comes with a fixed price as what is called “generic” arrangement, which means the arrangement is being used over and over again. And customized arrangement may cost extra than those that are pre arranged, but it will be extra special as well because of the unique arrangement the sympathy flower has. 

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