Sympathy Flowers, In the View of The Poor

Flowers are really useful to express your sympathy to the rich, but not always to the poor. So, it is ideal that you use flowers to right targets. It is widely known that they are a universal language which is able to convey special meaning and can be addressed to anyone on the globe. They can be arranged in various kinds of shapes and arrangements to meet your tastes. They are, today, also available at floral shops nearby. Sympathy Flowers are more concrete media to express your sympathy to replace the use of conventional phone call or card sending. If you observe, low classes, or to be extreme the poor community, do not put a high respect to the use of flowers. They mostly think they are just stuffs which do not benefit life. They fail to find out to grasp the words behind flowers. This is normal since what they expect, when in need of favors, is nothing but money, food, clothes, or those related to physical fulfillment. Their level of education influences the way they view on flowers.

Regarding the facts above, it is suggested that you use flowers only if they are appreciated to the receivers.  Learn, whether your Sympathy flowers are meaningful to them or they just need sympathy in terms of funds and other consumptive materials. For example, while you are visiting an Ethiopian boy at hospital, a pack of biscuits will do him better rather than a bouquet of beautiful flower. That is why learn how people value flowers before delivering for your sympathy.

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